Sunday, March 24, 2013


Life was like a good movie
Everybody is a hero
Happy, loving, and content
No tragedy
A good end from the beginning
Life will be like paradise
And the world a better place
There will be no disappointments
Neither evil nor enemies
There will be no right or wrong
Neither sorrow nor pain
But full of joy
Though different languages,
Cultures and beliefs
There is one God
One Creator
One good Shepherd
So imagine that…
We also have one common goal
One greatest purpose
Everyone is aware of the part or role
One stop, one destination
Do not need money to take the road
Just your heart and soul
Life will be like a golden worship song
Praising the one and only God
Where the song writers, the singers
The pianists, guitarists,
Recording studios and so on
Only by working together can make
A life series of golden songs
Young or old
Greater or small
In whatever role
Everybody is rich
Full of God’s blessings
Gifts, anointing
Good works and deeds
No poverty, no diseases, no flies
No struggles, no difficulties
And only God meets our wants or needs
Life would have been so beautiful

Poem by Helen Majaga

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