Thursday, February 7, 2013


If he knows you are the one, he will do all it takes to get you. If he cannot see himself without you, a real man will come get you.

Funny, it's almost Valentine’s Day and yesterday I happened to watch this wise man giving an advice for women and in this case it will be single ladies. He said that women should not sell themselves cheap. They should make men sweat for them so when men remember how hard and costly it was to get you, they will not want to leave you. He also said when other women come into these men's lives and these men decide to chase them too while they are chasing you, and the other women become hard to get and you have sold yourself cheap, these men will find them more worth than you, and hence leave you and go to them.

He also used the example of Jesus. If Jesus had to leave His Kingdom of glory in Heaven and come down to this earth into darkness to get His bride (The Church, Saints) and did all He had to do to win souls and transform people who will later be His people, His bride, His Church; if Jesus had to go through terrible suffering and shame, and may be also faced other costs that we don't know about to save us from our sins, bring us closer to God and be with Him forever; why giving yourself short for one night of candle light dinner, one night of shopping at the mall, or hundred compliments that you are hot?

Another example is of Jacob and Rachel, from the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 29. You see when Jacob saw Rachel, he fell in love with her and determine to make Rachel his wife. But in order to marry her, Jacob had to work for Rachel's father for seven years. And so he agreed. After seven years, it was time for Jacob to marry Rachel. During that time it was traditional for Jews women to cover themselves during the wedding ceremonies to a point that it was hard for Jacob to see the bride's face, or guess if the woman he was marrying was the right one. But the night Jacob spent with his new bride, he found out the woman he married was not Rachel. So Jacob confronted Rachel’s father and to find out that it was customary to have the eldest daughter marry first. Therefore, Rachel's father told Jacob, he can still marry Rachel but he shall work another seven years for him. And Jacob did. What a story!

Ladies, I think the wise man is right. Take the advice. The wise man didn't say torture or use him, but make that man cross mountains for you. It will make you and your parents proud. It will even make Your Heavenly Father proud. God gave His best (Jesus) to the world so that He can win the world to Himself. So let these men give their best to you.

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